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  1. Nigel Hinton says:

    Hi PA,

    I remember Mr Butler and also remember “Herbert” the large ebony ruler used for treating minor mis-behaviours. I did well in maths so I cannot complain with knowledge imparted by Mr Butler and Mr Burgum and I became a chartered accountant,trained in Birmingham and moved to Shropshire in 1971. It is a very long time ago. Cheers


  2. PA Townsend says:

    Does anyone remember the teacher K G Butler at Greenmore in the 50s , he had a philosophy I still live by today.

  3. geoff hunt says:

    i was at greenmoore together with my brother robert 1953-1962 geoff hunt (mr ball) we lived in solihull

  4. Simon Nicklin says:

    Hi Paul,
    I was at Greenmore as a day boy in 1971-3, I also remember Mr. Pye and Mrs. Bellicose. Do you remember Mrs. Milland? . I remember the compound with all the animals. You are so right, the summers were great fun. I’ve got many happy memories. I remember you and your brother Mark, Yours, Simon

  5. Michael Gray says:

    I was at Greenmore for a years in the early 70’s. Recall some of the names above. Now living in lovely Florida USA. On FACEBOOK if anyone is interested.

  6. Nigel Hinton says:

    Hi Elaine,
    most of the land in Edgbaston is owned by the Calthorpe Estate. They will develop and build property but do not usually sell the freeholds so they get it back eventually.

  7. paul Banner says:

    both my brother mark and i, spent nearly two years at the college as boarders in 1972-73 i remember mr pye and mrs vellicot also mr moon also the compound with all the animals the summers wetre fun

  8. Martin Cadd says:

    Remember getting the Number 1 bus to Moseley Village…always had to put my cap back on in case the School Bus (driven by Mr Pye) passed!!
    Happy days.

  9. Elaine Hall (nee James) says:

    Interesting to see this video. I also trvelled on the 1A from the College Arms. Who owned the building when it was sol?

  10. stephen smyth says:

    nice to see the vidio thanks my brother and i attended greenmore in the early 60 the head master was mr horton , gill merrick was our soccer coach, i live in victoria canada now if you remember me send me a email

  11. Anne Furness says:

    Thank you for putting this on I was only at Greenmore for 2 years from 1969 to 1971 I will be at the reunion on 2nd October so hope to see you there

    It doesnt look anything like it used to but the tall trees along priory road are still there I came to the reunion in 2008 and as you approach the trees it looks so familiar until you see the houses behind

    well done you

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