St Christopher`s College

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  1. Toni Allison says:

    How nice to see your comment Edward and to hear that you keep in touch with old friends from school.

    You are right Mr Allison had done boxing at university in Oxford and you didn’t want to upset him…….

    Yes the MGB I used to ride in it occasionally.

    I keep in touch with a lot of old friends across the world, I was a student at a Greenmore 1958-1966, so I am much older (71) Happy memories

    I hope that you are doing well best wishes Toni

  2. Edward Lee says:

    Hi Toni
    I was in Greenmore from, 1971-73 at Perth House with Mr and Mrs Pye looking after us with their dog Bullaburra. I am from Malaysia but for last 32 years live in Melbourne Australia. I have fond memories of Greenmore and we now have a forum in watsapp under ex Greenmorians as we had about 15 former students coming from the state of Sabah where I was born
    I remember Mr Allison told us he was a boxer at Oxford University so thought we should never upset him!! He drove an MGB GT then

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