Prospectus 1960

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    My brother Pankaj Joshi was a student at Greenmore College from 1971 – to 1973. He had come with two of his friends to study at the college from Uganda. Does anyone remember him and his friends (Kishor Patel and Jitu Parmar? My father was able to pay his fees in the first year but in his second year , the Ugandan president Amin, stopped money being sent out of the country.

  2. Kerry Deakin says:

    My father Roger John Deakin was at Greenmore from 1951 – 1960. I’d be interested if anyone knew him. His mother’s maiden name was Hodgkiss. They emigrated to South Africa in 1960

  3. James Hale says:

    I was at a boarder at Greenmore College from 1964-65. I was 14 when I began at the school so would have been in in the 4th year. I remember Mr Vellicot and Mr Allison. I had a good friend Geoff who lived in Edgbaston and stayed with him several weekends. We did prep on Sunday morning then went to church afterwards. I played in the football team. I enjoyed the school very much and wish I could have completed my education there. I was only at the school for two terms.

  4. Augusto Gomez says:

    I was a student in Greenmore College for the academic year 1974- 1975. I actually learned english there, however I attended some maths, history and some other subjects.
    I am from Mexico and I made good friends but unfortunately I lost contact. I remember a girl named Marion she is Welsh, if anyone knows something about her I would be very pleased to get in touch with her.

  5. Toni Allison says:

    Thank you for your message. Yes I am touch with Ali Aljassim, he was a student at St Christopher’s College Regents Park which also belonged to Mr Allison. I am afraid I don’t have any recollection as to an article in the Birmingham Post or Evening Mail, but would be happy to discuss details further . I was in London at that time. I have asked Ali for your email address.

  6. Mahamood Yousef says:

    Hi Toni
    I’m an ex-student of Greenmore (68-72).I just revisited the Greenmore site & saw your correspondence with Ali Aljasim. I too had an input in ‘memories’ & ‘messages’, in which I was trying to find out if anyone had a recollection of an article published in one of Birmingham’s local papers, although I couldn’t remember the name of the paper or the date! My guess it could have been the Evening Mail or the Birmingham Post (69-72) taking into account that during that time you and David were running the London branch, I wonder if either of you have recollection of this article, if so please let me know. By the way, I understand from Ali that you two have exchanged e-mail addresses. Please feel free to obtain my e-mail from Ali. I hope to hear from you, until then take care.
    Best regards
    Mahamood Yousef

  7. Ali Aljasim says:

    Of course Mrs. Allison I remember you very well as beautiful as ever. How is Mr. David Allison I hope he is well. my email is Its a pity we have not been in touch all this time although UK remained like a second home for me. I bought a house in Southampton from 1985-2000 and I travel their quite often. My daughter is studying now at Portsmouth uni and due to finish this summer. we will attend her graduation in July. Send me an email Toni I will be pleased to hear more from you or my other friends at St Christopher or Greenmore College. Regards ALI

  8. I remember you at St Christopher’s College, Camden when I ran the school with my husband David Allison. I do hope you have done well in life. I met David when I was a student at Greenmore in the 1960’s. Glad you have kept in touch with other students as I have. One who lives in Canada, I have visited and hope to see again when my daughter is out there working as an anaesthetist.

  9. Ali Aljasim says:

    I was a student at greenmore college from August 69 until June 1970 I remember Mr Allison was our principal I also remember many of the names mentioned in earlier memories. I moved then to St. Christopher college in London Camden town a college which was owned by Mr Allison as well and headed then by his son David Allison. I made many friends in Greenmore and St Christopher colleges from many parts of the world. I remember mr Pye very well as I used to play football for the 1st eleven team of greenmore in 69-70. I am still in touch with one or two of the old guys. It would be nice to hear from others from my time

  10. graham west says:

    i was at this collage in the early 60’s.

  11. Roger G Hill says:

    Brings back wonderful memories.I was at Greenmore 1951-54 Form 3B

  12. I think the photo on page 19 above was taken in the field at the end of the playground behind 222 Bristol Road (the junior school). Mrs Hill’s classroom was the top right hand window – she was form mistress for class 3A. I have fond memories of Mrs Hill and my old classroom. One of the photos I have on this website shows the inside of Mrs Hill’s room.

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