Prize Winners

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  1. Michael Edwards says:

    I won Victor ladorum ( sports) in 64
    This is Eddie calling . Michael Edwards.
    Was there from 62 through 65
    Had a great time. Only started learning
    However after I left school
    In US since 74
    Anyone out there who remembers me??

  2. Gardiner says:

    Won school prize for my performance in C.O.P. exam, taken in 1964.

  3. Barry Perkins says:

    Yep, I am there.
    C.O.P and would you believe a form prize!

    Really enjoyed that trip down memory lane. Thanks for that

  4. John Mills says:

    My name is John Mills who attended Greenmore from 1957 to 1961
    met my late wife Susan Darby as another
    Student. Lots of happy memories
    Went on Youth Club trips to Spain, Italy & Denmark.
    Remember seeing ‘West Side Story’ in London, on a trip.
    Oh happy days

  5. Carole Rosset-Claridge says:

    I won an Art prize in 1960 – I have the Prize Giving Programmes from 1958-1962 if required for website?!

  6. ali ahmed says:

    i remember that the very 1st prize that i won at the junior school Bristol for arithmatic was the Thomas the tank engine book presented to in the Townhall by Mr Morris and Mr Butler in 1955

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