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  1. Toni Allison says:

    Hi Nigel, I was looking for the photo of the Greenmore girls at the Houses of Parliament with teachers Miss Wakefield and Mrs Amies and MP Dane Edith Pit. When I wrote to you about St Christopher’s college I did send you some information about the event. YIU seem to have changed the look of your site.

  2. Debbie Dyer says:

    My dad (Keith Walker) was at Greenmore college and I am trying to find him a scalf – any ideas if I can still get one anywhere.

  3. I have one photo of John Burgum and Jill Wakefield taken on my skiing trip to Sass Fee Switzerland . I will try to remember the year ?
    Kind regards

  4. Graham West says:

    I have a photo of class 2B2 taken in 1959,

    Mr Hyram was the class master

  5. Tony Spampinato says:

    How can I send you some pictures of our stay at the school? I was the the champ of the 110 and 220 yards dash in the early 60’s. and have pictures of some of the school events.

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