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  1. Gardiner says:

    Richard Bing was one of my best friends – a fine fellow, there in the early 1960s, and boarded at ‘Horton House’.
    He was studying A level biology and loved gardening.

  2. Edward Lee says:

    yes i remember his no nonsense attitude in maths class. Was clipped onback of my head once when i did not concentrate in class. That was in 1971

  3. edward lee says:

    Mr Burgum i remember was my maths teacher with a stern looking facial feature. Used to be terrified of him.

  4. Chris Parks says:

    I remember Billy Gilhuys telling us how he could see the space rockets leaving Cape Conaveral from his home on Aruba

  5. Alan Heneberry says:


    Did the late Roger Chamberlaine have a brother at Greenmore College?

  6. Gardiner S says:

    As a former friend of this enchanting boy, am I am deeply sory to hear of his demise and would like to pass on my condolences to all his friends and family

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