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  1. Toni Allison says:

    It is possible that my ex husband David Allison had some of the records when the buildings were knocked down. He was the one who had to wind up the business affairs after the school collapsed.

  2. Can any of the following please contact me, Richard Corbett, Peter Stanmore? (lived at Romsley), Michael Lashford, Dave Bennett (school newspaper) or anyone who remembers me. I was at Greenmore from 1958 to 1963 and had the dreaded reputation of being a school prefect. It would be great to just catch up again. I currently live in a village outside of Pershore and earlier this week went to a meeting of the old Greenmorians at the Tally Ho. The only person there that I new was Peter Mayson who was in my class 5A1 1962/1963.

  3. Paul Ryder says:

    I was at Green more from about 1960-67 when I passed my 13+ and went onto K.E. Five Ways.
    Teachers I remember, Mr Pye, Mr Douglas, Mr Allison, Mr Horton, Miss Berry, Polly Perkins.
    Pupils, Keith and Christopher Partridge, Peter Judge, Phil Cooke(Peach), Julian and Nicholas Dukes, David Purser, Annette Rushton, Debayo, Jeremy Guscoth, Graham Willets…

  4. I went to the the junior greenmore college on the bunbury road northfield from 1960 to 1967 miss Weston and the late mrs fereday were my form teachers. I remember mrs cull who use to collect the old ship halfpennies for charity, she use to take them home in the basket on her bicycle I would like to get in contact with old school friends of that era and other eras, some of the class mates in my year were paul clayton(cassias), simon darby, simon dally,maries pulks dennis , sam smart,jane yeo, Jeremy burgman,Barbara anion, martyn gibbs ,gregor moss, peter teall,moi moi Williams brother, can,t remember his Christian name right now, peter darlington, its just come to me moi moi,s brothers name is Richard i,m at the library at present so I,m remembering names off the top of my head I,ll need to look at the class photo to remember a few more although some I won,t remember were talking 50 years ago, Charles bamford is another classmate ther,s a couple I can see their faces, one I do know his name but just not yet the other lad I think his surname might be cole my sister now passed 1993 use to work at Lloyds bank and my sister wanted my school scarf which was the purple white and grey which was the new colours when the junior school changed its name to rathvilly and I think his name was Andrew cole he recognised the colours and enquired about it my sisters name was hazel and attended the junior greenmore college 1956 to1963, Robert savage was another name another lad ,his surname is hart, gail stouks apolgies for spelling mistakes gail, timothy Nicolas was the other name I thinking off another lad with the surname of jones any that’s the best I can do without the photo and even I might be struggling please feel free to send me an email west.julian@rocketmail.com

  5. I went to the junior greenmore college on the bunbury road, northfield from 1960 to 1967, the headmaster and headmistress were mr and mrs swaw anyone wishing to get in contact feel free to do so

  6. Brian Wright says:

    I went to Greenmore college between 68-71- best years of my life. Sheep and horses included…it’s where I took my first piano lessons

  7. Lesley Jeffery (nee Nicholls) says:

    Message to Garvey Humphrey –
    I have just read his account of his time at Greenmore from 1942. which was most interesting. He mentions “I last heard of Sheila Hutton (m. Shires) when she returned from Nigeria following the accidental death of her husband”
    Sheila was my best friend, and after a life time we are still in touch. She is now residing at “Ambleside” room 17 Evesham Road, Stratford upon Avon.

  8. Richard Corbett says:

    Hi Geof
    Wrote an earlier reply but may have submitted it wrongly so this by way of backup. I recall you and Hamill, (not sure spelling ), and shortcutting school cross country runs. As you say, you were always on Hortons’ radar with Bergum as navigator. School etiquette was not quite you was it ? Cheers anyway and get in touch if possible.

  9. Pamela michell says:


    My brother Pete and myself used to travel with you to green more.do email me

  10. Lesley Jeffery (nee Nicholls) says:

    I attended the Commercial Section of Greenmore College during the Second World War, and because of black-outs only worked in the mornings. I remember Mr. Morris, and Mr. Hichcock was the headmaster. We used to sing a crazy school song each morning after prayers, it went something like “Open all the windows, let the sunshine in”
    but cannot remember any more. I am 90 years old. ..

  11. Allison says:

    Hi – I have a class photo from 1954 !

    My Husband is Miss Ecclestons’ son : )

  12. Peter Serafin says:

    Just found this site, I was at Greenmoore junior school from 1959-1961, then had one term in the senior’s, I remember a Timothy Plotnick, Mary Aldridge, I came from Alvechurch, remember good times.

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  16. Pam Randell.nee Wood says:

    I left Green more in 1950. I remember Jean and Joan Reynolds, and Sheila Barns and eating lunch in Cannon Hill Park. Remember Mrs Wood, Mrs Perkins and P.E. Miss Salt who taught me typing.

  17. Sue says:

    Pat Eccleston is my Aunt – my mum and dad met at Greenmore Peter Bishton and Marilyn Eccleston, I think my Dad was a ‘head boy’

  18. Antony Snead says:

    Hi, I’m responding to Neil Gracie. Hullo Neil. I knew you well at Stanley House (1954-1959) I then spent 18 months at Greenmore College before meeting you again at Moseley Grammar.
    It would be good to hear from you. Stanley House now seems like a distant, beautiful, Victorian cameo memory. Antony x

  19. Michael Winter says:

    I was at SHS from around 1952-1955. I remember Mr Papps (French), Mr Guest (Maths) Miss S-S and Miss Caddick. Miss S-S used to describe being relieved at Mafeking during the Boer War. Mr Patterson-Jones took PE and Boxing, and was an ex RN man. The caretaker was Mr Kitchen. He organised the annual school camp, which I remember being held at Borth in Wales. We camped in old WWII army bell tents. The head was Egbert Shay (known as Eggie). If you seriously misbehaved, you had to go and ‘stand by the gong’ – an oriental looking gong about 18″ diameter which stood in the hallway outside Eggies office. You waited till he deigned to call you into his office to remonstrate with you (or worse). There was a large monkey puzzle tree on the boundary of the cricket field.

  20. Sharron says:

    I was a full time border at Greenmoore in 1972
    I shared a dormitory with Cathleen
    Mrs Vellacot would treat us to supper in her
    Lodgings on a Sunday, I remember copious amounts of bread and jam at tea time. Fond memories

  21. Simon Palmer says:

    I was at Vellacot House from about 1962 to 1966. I’m reasonably sure I remember your name. I have been trying with little success to find fellow pupils day, weekly or termly boarders from that period. dzpuma@yahoo.com

  22. Mervyn Dale, team school house says:

    I was at Stanley House 1956-59
    Mr Shea head master, lived in Wolverhampton

  23. Mervyn Dale says:

    I was at Stanley House and left in 1956

    Lived in Wolverhampton and Commuted daily
    Mervyn Dale team School House head master was Mr Shea ?

  24. Roger Nettleton says:

    I remember going to Holland with a teacher nicknamed “the nail” , we went to the world fair in Brussels in 1958, i cant remember anyones name from my time there, apart from the games master was Gill Merrick, B’ham and England goalkeeper.

  25. Rosemary Gibson nee Pedvin says:

    I have just found this website. I was at greenmore
    From 1959 _1963.
    I remember Mr Horton and velacot.The French teacher a lady was my form teacher. Can’t remember many names but Jeremy Mason was head boy. His Dad wrote the archers at that time.
    I remember Maxine littler,Elizabeth Lewis Peter dagger Steve

  26. Judith Coleman nee Gould says:

    Mr Morris was headmaster when I was at Greenmore, I started in 1946 and Mrs Perkins was my form mistress.
    Our playing field was where the Warwick Cricket ground now
    is. I remember Pat Humphrys and the Reynold twins. I left in
    1953 to go to Art College.

  27. Hi James!
    Sorry I have not got back to you sooner. I have had too much work on-board over the last few months.

    There was a Geoff Smith in lower fifth as I recall. Well, in fact, I think it was Geoff? Anyway, you would not know him because we were of the class of 61, a bit before your time.
    Mr Vellacot- he of the hearing -aid and lots of white “flob” flying about!!

    Great times

    Keep in touch,

  28. Back again!
    Hope to be able to contact all of the “old school” boys and girls who tried to get-in-touch with me?
    Too many battlefields to visit before I check-in my chips.

  29. Now that brings back memories Mr Lankston (THE NAIL )
    Remembering Heather Tankard, why !!!!!

  30. Neil Gracie says:

    If you go to http://www.instantstreetview.com/2owkotz3dnkq0z4d1zj5z2u. I think you will see the old school. Let me know please! Neil nei1@gmx.com

  31. Neil Gracie says:

    Hi, i was at stanley house school from1954 to 1960 and i head teachers like mr ford mr lynch free mr johnson mrs sutherland smith miss a brandes and mr jonesmrs nashand mrs hopkinsi use to walk long the little least room park find a brick wall from the gate in priory road to the schooli looked it up on google earth street view and found that if i go to the priory hospital the street view takes me along to the old buildings of primary house and it is so nostalgic to see the old playground and the whole where is used to have dinner which has not changed one bit and the conservatory which is still exactly the same

  32. James Hale says:

    Hi Graham
    I am James Hale and was a pupil boarder at Vellacot house, although I do not think this is correct as I remember the housemaster being Mr Vellacot also known as flobalot
    I attended Greenmoore from Sept 1964 until March 1965 and was a member of the football team as well as playing youth rugby union in the afternoon.
    I remember prep on Sunday morning or was that Saturday and going to to church also. I remember Mr Alison very well.
    When you go through the front door of the boarding house my dorm was the first on the left. The only friend I remember from the school was a lad called Geoff (Smith)? who came from Edgbaston. day pupil

  33. My name is Janet Osborne nee Pinfield-Wells and I was at Greenmore College from 1949 starting in the junior school and finishing in the upper fifth in 1955. Our form teacher was Miss Eccleston. Class mates were Pat Eccleston, Pat Blockley, Sandra Miles, Barbara Summerfield – we had boys too! Hans Dieter Deventer, Philip Fyne, David? Addshead

  34. Geoffrey Hunt says:

    HI I was at Greenmore from 1952 – 1963 recieved prize from Lord Boothby great school days always in trouble with Mr horton or crabbsspent a lot of time in the woodwork shedMR lankston fell in love with Heather Tankard in school play Wind in the Willows Geoff Hunt(Mr Ball)

  35. Irene Jeffries says:

    My mother attended in the mid forties and speaks with fond memories of her time at Greenmore. She would dearly love to get in touch with her old friend Maureen Campbell but you know how difficult it is to track down people from so long ago.

  36. John McCormick says:

    It is 45 years since i left Greenmore College in 1967. I was a student border in Vellacot house 1964 – 1967. Mr Alison was the Principle at the time. I was saddened to see the college gone when i looked at Google Earth. So many memories and so long ago now. It is appalling that so many valuable records were lost at the time of demolition.

  37. Nigel Hinton says:

    Hi Graham,

    I do not know what happened but if someone out there is watching please contact us

  38. Thanks for that Nigel.
    Do you know what became of Stanley House school, just across the Bristol Road from Greenmore? I had a fight with a chap from there who pulled my cap off. We were seen by Mr Horton, I got a sound thrashing!
    Best regards,

  39. Nigel Hinton says:

    Greetings Graham,
    sadly when the bulldozers went in all of the school records photographs certificates in fact everything was lost except for one or two items rescued from the flames by a former pupil who happened to be passing by.

  40. Greetings Nigel!
    I would like to know what happened to the old school photographs that once hung in the main staff room (1959)?
    I recall that Mr Alison also had group teacher and student photographs in his office. It would be nice to have some of these on a Greenmore webpage.
    Hope all is well with you?

  41. Michael Clark says:

    Hi Nigel,

    I vaguely remember Mr. Morris at one of the prize giving ceremonies at the Town Hall. Lord Boothby was the prize giver. I attended one of the college ‘outposts’ in Handsworth where I was part of a class of 8 taught by the headmaster. Happy days with not a care in the world from 1956 until 1959 when I left for senior school. My one lasting memory was of filling my pockets with hawthorn berries at playtime and using my bicycle pump to fire them at others doing the same. I managed 3 prizes during my time there.

  42. Jill Loader says:

    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any information about the original Farnborough House School in Pershore Road circa 1930 – 1939.

  43. NIGEL says:

    40 years on since leaving Greenmore it is very Interesting to see Mr Morris`s thoughts on paperwork and the need to teach what scholars need to know. I am sure he would have not enjoyed the paperwork associated with current teaching practice and the National Cirriculum (NJH).

    Please send me your stories and anecdotes photos and memories of Mr Morris and any other staff members. Any facts are welcome as well.

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