Harborne Collegiate

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  1. Peter Brimble says:

    Peter. I am in touch with some of our form….
    ..Bryan Turner Roger Capel Roger Hayward Graham Haynes Vernon Fisher George Rose
    Robert Paul who wasa friend all this time passed away from a heart attack 18 months ago
    I remember Derek as much for his head of hair.Recently looking at the form photo with Hartley and you are there nearby
    I live in Hook Norton Oxfordshire
    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. Peter Brimble says:

    I was at Harborne Collegiate and when it closed went to Greenmore,I am still in touch with Derek Ladkin and Roger Chapman.I recently had some copies made of school photos that belonged to Roger,one was 1959 of the whole school and the other is of Mr Hartland’s class not sure of the date.

  3. Roger Dickens says:

    Hi Nick, I hope you are well, I’m a bit late replying as I’ve only just re-found this website, it has changed since 2014. I do now remember Dr Sohn and some of the other teachers, Messrs Checkley, Hartland, Cooney and the head F Western, I also remember a regular phrase we used to hear from the history teacher (whose name escapes me ) “Extra prep 3 Upper !” after someone had misbehaved in class.
    I remember the no 11 bus journeys well enough and the school dinners, especially the rice pudding which seemed to have the texture of soap flakes !
    I would like to hear from you or anybody who remebers me : roger98dick@gmail.com

  4. George F Rose says:

    Would you remember Hugh Fraser or Rod Hele by any chance? I have lots of names if anyone should be interested.
    email address in a previous message.

  5. John Welsby says:

    I remember Roger Capel, and others but have never met anyone from the school since it closed in 61. Buildings were demolished and replaced by flats soon afterwards.Went to a school in Bournville for a year to finish GCE’s. Now live in Worcester.

  6. George F. Rose says:

    Thanks for responding Howard. Glad to make your acquaintance again after so many years. I left England in 1965 to travel the then British colonies. Didn’t get too far however before settling in the Bermuda Isles where I’ve lived for the past 50 years. There is much to recall about those far off days 1957 – 1961. Do you remember Colin Eden and Hugh Fraser – a senior prefect in 1961 who became a cycling buddy of mine. Also the lovely Wendy Carpenter and a Polish girl, first name Olga who lodged in nearby premises on the Edgbaston Road I believe? There was another tall lanky fellow, a senior to us with the first name of Oliver? There are a good many names I could mention if it wasn’t for space constraints. If you or anyone else has continued interest please contact me at gfr@logic.bm

  7. Howard Martin says:

    I’ve just found this site and noticed your query about the French teacher “ASR” – he was called DR Sohn! cant remember his first name – the last two initials stood for Sohn-Rathal, or something very similar. I have very happy memories of a school trip to Paris & Biarritz in 1960 where his French background added enormously to the enjoyment of the trip. I was at Harborne from 1956-61, then I moved on to Greenmore. I do remember you, by the way.

  8. Nick Gay says:

    Having attended Harborne Collegiate from 1958 to 1961 I can confirm that the person who taught French with the initials ASR was Alfred Sohn-Rethel known to us as Dr. Sohn. If you google his name you will find a great deal of information, a very interesting gentleman.

  9. Nick Gay says:

    Just come across this site, can answer the question from George Rose re French teacher with initials ASR, was Dr. A. Sohn-Rethel, known to us as Dr. Sohn, remember him well. Good to see comment from Roger Dickens, remember him well, we both started together in 1958 and were in same class, used to travel together on No 11 bus and walk into Harborne village at lunch time. I had school dinners and remember having to stay silent until F.E.W. said we could talk, if you spoke during silent period he would clock you and say ‘boy, talking, see me afterwards’ he had a cane in his office but think it was rarely used. Remember many teachers, Miles, Checkley, Webster, Cooney, Dunbar,Waterton, Hartland, Burnell, and of course good old Dr. Sohn and that Indian chap who joined in the final year, Thorat, taught maths and physics, remember he made the class howl with laughter by calling a kettle a kettley Still have a photo of our class in 1959 and could name every one of them. Hope some other former pupils can find this site and share some memories.

  10. Roger Hayward says:

    Dear Roger , I went to the school from 1953 until it closed in July 1961. I live in Canada . I have a few photos school classes, plus 1 or 2 school magazines . I am in touch with Vernon Fisher who still lives just around the corner from the old school. My email is rhayward@sympatico.ca . If you get this note please let me know .

  11. John E Blackham says:

    Hi Roger. Remember me Spent all of my working life in Sales with British Aluninium and Alcan Have been in touch with Bryan over the years and Robert Paul Graham Haynes Recently Roger Capel has bee in touch Hope to hear from you

  12. Roger Capel says:

    Hi Bryan
    I guess we have to meet up but being in the same hemisphere at the same time is problematic. I do get updates via old flames
    Roger (Cave)

  13. Roger Capel says:

    Hi Roger
    Please to see you are still around – In touch with John Blackham, Bryan Turner and a few others
    Love to hear from you

  14. Roger Capel says:

    Hi George
    Nice to see my name in print – same memories as you – more good than bad
    Drop a line – love to hear from you

  15. George F Rose says:

    I attended Harborne Collegiate between September 1957 until September 1961 when all pupils were transfered to Greenmore College. Have fond memories of my years there at Harborne with Messrs. Hartland, Cooney, Horton and Western. And who taught French in those years with the initials ASR? I have in my possession a number of school related documents beginning in 1955 together with a number The Harbornian Magazines from 1956 onwards.
    Glad to share if anyone is interested in the contents thereof. Do you recall the ‘Fortnightly Record Book’ recording debits and credits? Term tuition fees were at
    21 pounds between 1958 – 1961. And then there were the termly Harborne Collegiate Calendars which named the Prefects and the sports Captains together with game fixtures Home and Away. I do remember the name Roger Capel and I sat in class with a guy from Tanganyika but don’t recall his name. His father worked in the auto industry out there I believe. Where are they all now I wonder? I may be able to reach out to Rod Hele Worcester House & Cricket Vice. in 1961. I’d be glad to respond to any enquiries.

  16. Roger Dewsbery says:

    Do you have any history on the school from
    1946 onwards ?

  17. Roger Dewsbery says:

    Roger Dewsbery was a pupil from 1946 – 1950
    Would be grateful for any information.
    Roger was 5 when he went there,

  18. Roger Dickens says:

    I attended Harborne Collegiate school, Court Oak rd from about 1958 to 1961. I started in form 3 upper, then to 4 lower, then 4 upper. At this time in 1961, the head master Frederick E Western announced the school was closing. I can’t remember any other teacher names, I remember one or two pupil names: Peter Brimble, Nicholas Gay, ? Powell, Peter Bill. I then went to Queensbridge Sec Modern in Kings Heath until I was 16.

  19. Roger Hayward says:

    Bryan , we were at the school at the sametime and in the same classes. You were on the arts side and I was the science type. I live close to Toronto and have been retired to 5 years. I came to Canada in 1968 for graduate school and stayed ever since. I remember Roger Chapel but I don’t know anything about him. I have just been looking at photos of our class in 1956 with Mr Banks as our class teacher.

  20. Bryan S. Turner says:

    I was at Harborne Collegiate School from around 1956 to 1961. I then went to George Dixon. I am now a professor in New York and still working full time. I am trying to trace Roger Capel who was an old school friend and who went o South Africa after school to run a transport company. Any one remember “Cave”?

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