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  1. Ian Johnson says:

    I was at the junior school 58-61. Many happy days in classes of Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Curtis. Anyone remember me?

  2. John Adam says:

    There used to be a photograph of Form 4A1 from 1959 on the internet. Does anyone know where it is now.

  3. TUNNICLIFFE Ted says:

    I was a non-boarder in, I think 1951-52. Unfortunately I can’t remember anyone!

  4. Geoff and Robert Hunt says:

    I was at Greenmore with my brother Bob 1953-1962 we lived in solihull.would love to here from any of my old friends Geoff Hunt(Mr Ball)

  5. karon cook says:

    i went to school there in 1963-1965 then moved out of the area my name then was karon kirby if anyone remembers me..also could i if posable get a copy of my school photo..thank you

  6. Antony R M Snead says:

    Hello Margery – we did speak on the telephone but I heard no more. Thanks to Nigel I have had the most wonderful reunion with an old class friend (1959!) at Kettners in Soho.
    I am happy to join and support. Please contact me. Thank you.

  7. Antony R M Snead says:

    I have placed my details on the 3 relevant sites and hope to gain a response.
    I was at Greenmore Jnr School and in Staphanie Shorey’s photo (!). I remember all my classroom colleagues, I think!

  8. Denese Litherland/Stokes says:

    The AGM was yesterday, I just wanted to say thank you as this was the first time that I have attended and really enjoyed myself, even though had difficulty remembering people, thank you to Sheila and Avril for making me feel very welcome and I am looking forward to meeting you all again on the 20th October.

  9. Tony Spampinato says:

    My sister Mari and I (Tony and Mari Spampinato), attended Greemnore College from 1962 until 1965.
    We have fond memories and pictures of our years @ Greenmore College. We live in The San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA and treasure our years at the old school in the UK.


    Tony Spampinato

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