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  1. Robin Bird says:

    Does anyone know what happened to/ the present whereabouts of Mr PETER OLIVER who taught Geography at Greenmore College C1967-1969 then went to teach Geography at Bournville College of Further Education. He taught me in both places and I would if he is still alive like to make contact with him again. My contact details are
    Many thanks.
    Robin Bird

  2. Augusto Gomez says:

    Dear Mr. Hinton

    My name is Augusto and I was student at Greenmore college in 204 Bristol Rd. during the academic year 1974-1975. I am from Mexico and actually I was at Greenmore in order to learn English rather that studying college.
    I do remember the principal Mr. Allison and my English teacher Miss Sadler that was in love with her cat Smokey if I am not wrong.
    Unfortunately I do not remember the names of the students who I live with in a house a little bit far from the college. I just remeber a guy named Nigel that had only one arm and a girl named Marion. Maybe through you or this website I could try to reach someone.

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